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H&H Dog

H&H Dog works with dog owners just like yourself to provide all the services needed to give your dog the absolute best experience in life.

From daily walks, to mobile dog-grooming, and most importantly our tailored 1-1 dog training,  we’re here to help bring our the best in your dog, no matter the challenge. 

With over 15 years in business, and hundreds of happy clients throughout London and Watford, we can’t wait to hear from you and help you with your doggy needs.


Caroline Johnson, North London
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"I had H&H groomers for the 1st time yesterday and I was very happy with the way all 3 of my dogs were groomed. Exactly what I asked for was done and my instructions were followed! I would recommend this company to others looking for a mobile groomer!"

Dog & Puppy Training in North London & Watford

Give Your Dog The Best It Can Get

Owning a dog is no easy task, and raising it properly certainly isn’t any easier. Whilst you may have your best intentions at heart, dogs don’t always understand what is expected of them unless you, as an owner, communicate & interact with your dog in the correct way – which often times isn’t the way that you think.  

From training puppies at a young age, to helping owners with obedience and dog behavioral issues, Roland will work alongside you to correct your dog’s behaviors and bring the best out of your dog. 


North London is a perfect place for dogs to socialise and meet with others.
Great places include Hampstead Heath, Heath Extension and Highgate Woods. 
Bringing up a dog in this area provides it with the best opportunity to grow into the dog you’ve always wanted. 

Our North London address is:
116 Hamilton Rd
NW11 9EA

Located in lovely Hertfordshire, Watford brings so many great qualities for dog owners that’s its no wonder this area is riffling with lovely puppies. With great parks such as Ruislip Woods and Cassiobury Park for your little one to run around and socialise, and beautiful scenery all round, it is a prime location for a dog owner. 

Our Watford address is:
1 Burnley Cl
WD19 6YS

Getting your puppy off the best possible start is a big priority for owners, and for good reason. 

Today most puppy socialization classes are offered by your vet.  What we offer is your puppies first lessons, teaching you how to understand your puppy and instill the right behaviors and habits from the beginning.

Some of the things taught will include:

  • Correct food and feeding
  • Proper sleeping arrangements
  • House training
  • Play biting
  • Daily routine
  • How to interact and play
  • Children and puppy
  • Basic commands

Let’s give your puppy the start he deserves – call Roland on 0203 633 4756

The aim of 1-2-1 lessons is to teach you to train and understand your dog in the least amount of time.

Dog training in some cases can be a lengthy process, especially if behavioral modification is required. It’s incredibly important for you to learn to be able to read your dog’s body language, read your environment and assess the situation correctly.

Roland will work with you and your dog with positive reinforcement and reward based training.

With such a personal approach, these private training sessions will give you everything you need to bring about the best version of your dog. 

Call Roland on 0203 633 4756 to discuss this training option.

We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to train their own dog.
We can help!

We offer the full package, your dog will stay in the comfort of our home and will be trained and exercised throughout the day. For many dogs and owners, this is the most effective solution.
Minimum stay is 3 weeks, however it is dependent on the issues needing to be addressed and level of training required.

Residential training is followed up by two lessons where you will be taught what is required.

Please call us to discus this training option.

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