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Transform Your Pet’s Behaviour

Welcome to our dog training, where we provide comprehensive and effective dog training services to help you and your furry friend enjoy a happier, more harmonious life together. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog in need of behaviour modification, our expert trainers are here to assist you with proven techniques and personalised training plans.

Roland is a member of IMDT (Institute Of Modern Dog Trainers) and provide one of the best dog training Watford, UK and has worked and trained dogs to the highest level, in many disciplines. He Has trained for international IPO, search and rescue, tracking, agility and obedience. All 1-2-1 lessons and residential trainings are taken by Roland.

Why Choose Our Dog Training Services? ​

Experienced Trainers

Our team consists of certified and experienced dog trainers who are passionate about helping dogs and their owners.

Positive Reinforcement
We use humane, reward-based training methods to encourage good behaviour and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
Customised Training Plans
Each training plan is tailored to your dog’s specific needs, addressing any behavioural issues and enhancing their natural abilities.
Convenient Scheduling
We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle, including private sessions and group classes.
Dog Training Team

Achievements ​

Winning team win at Crufts

One of the major highlights of Roland’s career was when having having qualified with Hektor for the Southern England interregional obedience team. He won his individual class, helping the team win overall at Crufts.

Our Puppy Lessons​

We run initial puppy session curently virtually or in your house and for your benefit, we are able to split virtual sessions into two.

Getting your puppy off to the best possible start.

Today most puppy socialization classes are offered by your vet. These can be beneficial, if runned correctly. We can recommend. Please contact us for full guidance.

What we can offer, is initial parenting session, which is held in your home and is probably the most important lessons you will both have. It should happened as early as possible, before your puppy is fully vaccinated.

The early the better as you not only teaching puppy how to behave at home, but as well as that you will potentially need to break some old habits from the breeder.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn how to work and understand your puppy and will include the following:
  • Correct food and feeding
  • Ideal setup
  • Crate training and separation
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Toilet training
  • Play biting
  • Daily routine
  • Chewing
  • How to interact and play
  • Children and puppy
  • How to correctly socialize your puppy during dog walking

Let’s give your puppy the start he deserves

Prices for Puppy Training
Puppy lesson (under 6 months of age)
1st puppy lesson in your home is £180 normally up to 2.5 hours long

1st recall lesson in your local park is £120

Book 1st home visit and recall lesson and pay only £270

Book 1st home visit, recall and loose lead lesson and pay only £350

Every follow-up lesson is £95 and is 90 minutes long (under 6 months of age)

All puppy lessons are based on a 1-2-1

Virtual session over Zoom, FaceTime or Whatsapp is £60 per hour

All prices excludes VAT

1-2-1 Lessons

The goal of our 1-2-1 lessons

The aim of 1-2-1 lessons is to teach you to train and understand your dog in the least amount of time.

Dog training in some cases can be a lengthy process, especially if behavioural modification is required. It’s incredibly important for you to learn to be able to read your dog’s body language, read your environment and assess the situation correctly.

We will work with you and your dog with positive reinforcement and reward based training. Looking for the best dog training Watford, UK? Then you are at the right place.

What behavioural issues do we help with?

We specialise in fixing a number of different behavioural behavioural issues. For example:

  • Barking
  • Pulling
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Recall
  • Jumping up
  • Hyperactivity
  • Chewing
  • Socialising
  • And many more..
Prices for 1-2-1 Training
A 90minutes 1-2-1 obedience lesson (sit, down, stay, etc…) is £100

Lessons to address behavioural problems, recall, barking, separation anxiety, aggression etc are £125 per lesson

Virtual session over Zoom, FaceTime or Whatsapp is £60 per hour

Book 1st home visit, recall and loose lead lesson and pay only £350

Every follow-up lesson is £95 and is 90 minutes long (under 6 months of age)

All puppy lessons are based on a 1-2-1

Virtual session over Zoom, FaceTime or Whatsapp is £60 per hour

Residential Training

We understand that not everyone has the time or ability to train their own dog. We offer the full package, your dog will stay in the comfort of our home and will be trained and exercised throughout the day. For many dogs and owners, this is the most effective solution.

Minimum stay is 3 weeks, however it is dependent on the issues needing to be addressed and level of training required.

Residential training is followed up by two lessons where you will be taught what is required. Call us to discuss this training option.

Prices for Residential Training

Minimum of 3 weeks, £750 per week, owner to provide dog’s food and treats

Two follow up 1-2-1 training lessons free of charge are included in all residential training

All prices excludes VAT

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