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About H&H Dog:
Unveiling Our Journey in Dog care

Welcome to H&H Dog Training, where passion for canine companionship meets expertise in dog care. Established by Roland in 2002 as UVP-H, our journey transformed in 2013 when we incorporated the initials of our cherished dogs, Hektor and Hilary, into the name, becoming H&H Dog Training.

From the beginning

H&H Dog Training founder Roland Reho rescued a homeless puppy from the streets in 2002 and decided to start training ‘’Hektor’’, this hobby was soon to become an obsession. It was this obsession that was to lead Roland into dog training full time.
After relocating to North London, the training expanded to encompass dog walking, dog boarding and then mobile dog grooming.
Now, 15 years later, what began as a single van operation has grown into an expansive fleet of 7 vans, a dedicated team of professionals, and countless delighted clients. H&H Dog Training is not just a business; it’s a realization of a dream.

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The best dog walking London

As a leading London dog walking company, we pride ourselves on offering personalized dog walk training near you. Our certified dog trainers specialize in enhancing the bond between you and your furry friend. Whether you’re looking for the best dog walking in London, expert dog trainers in North London, or seeking reliable dog walking charges, H&H Dog Training is your trusted partner in canine care. Explore our services to provide your pet with a blend of professional training, compassionate walks, and tailored care that ensures a happy and fulfilling life.

Why H&H Dog Training?

Lifetime Commitment
At H&H Dog Training, our commitment extends beyond training sessions. We follow up and stay invested in the long-term success of both owners and their beloved pets.

Affordable Excellence
We take pride in delivering professional dog training services at value-based prices. Quality training should be accessible, and we make it affordable for every dog owner.

Local Dedication
Our team of local dog trainers is not just reliable; they’re passionate about being there for our clients and love fostering positive relationships with dogs.

Tailored Simplicity
H&H Dog Training understands busy schedules. Our training plans are customized to fit your routine, requiring just 15 minutes of follow-up practice each day for a simplified and effective approach.

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What do our customers say

‘’I have been a client for over 10 years. My dogs absolutely love going for stay overs at Roland’s and his team. Genuine, animal loving people that not only care and look after your dogs when you are away but they make them feel like part of the family! I know that for sure as dogs don’t fake happiness.”
Ania Thornhill (facebook review)

‘’Poppy our much loved four month old lab stayed with Roland this weekend. She looked wonderful when we picked her up. Obviously very happy there! Roland is the best person to look after a dog. He really cares and he trains them as well! We give him 5* and highly highly recommend him, other dog walkers in team and the whole H & H Dog Training!!”
Pam Lehre (facebook review)

‘’My dog, Nemo, has been with Roland for all his life-10 years. I cannot think anybody better for the care of Nemo!”
Naoko Kimura (facebook review)

‘’H&H look after my dog really well, they genuinely care about him and always give me tips and advice on things I can do when I’m worried about his health or behaviour, they’re supportive and helpful and best of all Ralphy enjoys going! His ears jump up as soon as I ask him if he wants to go to ‘Roland’s home’ Thank you so much,,
Yashma Bakshi (facebook review)

‘’Thank goodness for Roland & H&H! They look after our boxer Jackson so well, especially as he’s quite a big, bouncy one. Other dog trainers have tried and failed. He’s happy, better adjusted and socialised thanks to H&H. These are true dog lovers who know their stuff. Highly recommended.”
Mayu Haldan-Jones (facebook review)

‘’Just spent 30 minutes on the phone to Roland who gave me excellent and honest advice and put my mind at ease with the progress we’ve been making with both our puppies and came to the conclusion that 1-2-1 training wouldn’t be necessary at this time and to continue what we’re doing. I imagine many trainers would insist on booking a session immediately before telling the same things. Such wonderful honesty and thoroughly recommend, after being recommended by our wonderful vet!”
Dusty Rhodes (facebook review)

As you explore our site, you’ll discover detailed insights into our range of services. Whether you’re in search of the best dog walking in North London, expert dog trainers, or trustworthy dog boarding facilities, H&H Dog Training is your go-to partner.