About H&H Dog

Our Journey in Dog Care

Welcome to H&H Dog Training, where a passion for canine companionship blends seamlessly with expertise in dog care. Founded by Roland in 2002 as UVP-H, our journey evolved in 2013 when we rebranded to honour our beloved dogs, Hektor and Hilary. Thus, H&H Dog Training was born, reflecting our commitment to exceptional dog training and care.

Why Choose Our Dog Walking Services? ​

H&H Dog Training founder Roland Reho rescued a homeless puppy from the streets in 2002 and decided to start training ‘’Hektor’’, this hobby was soon to become an obsession. It was this obsession that was to lead Roland into dog training full time.

After relocating to North London, the training expanded to encompass dog walking, dog boarding and then mobile dog grooming.

Now, 15 years later, what began as a single van operation has grown into an expansive fleet of 7 vans, a dedicated team of professionals, and countless delighted clients. H&H Dog Training is not just a business; it’s a realisation of a dream.

As a premier dog walking company in London, we take pride in offering personalised dog walk training in your area. Our certified trainers focus on strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend. Whether you need top-notch dog walking services in London, expert trainers in North London, or transparent pricing, H&H Dog Training is your trusted partner in canine care.

Discover our services to provide your pet with professional training, compassionate walks, and tailored care for a happy and fulfilling life.

Why H&H Dog Training?

Lifetime Commitment:

At H&H Dog Training, our commitment extends beyond training sessions. We follow up and stay invested in the long-term success of both owners and their beloved pets.

Affordable Excellence:
We take pride in delivering professional dog training services at value-based prices. Quality training should be accessible, and we make it affordable for every dog owner.
Local Dedication:
Our team of local dog trainers is not just reliable; they’re passionate about being there for our clients and love fostering positive relationships with dogs.
Tailored Simplicity:
H&H Dog Training understands busy schedules. Our training plans are customized to fit your routine, requiring just 15 minutes of follow-up practice each day for a simplified and effective approach.