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Are you looking for a dog walking company you can trust, that can give your dog a stimulating walk with a well trained pack of furry friends?

H&H Dog will pick up and drop your dog home, and take them on a 90 minute engaging walk with games, play, training, and swimming in the summer. 

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Need a trustworthy & skilled dog trainer to help you solve all of your dogs behavioural issues, and help bring about the kind of dog you know he/she can be?

Having trained dogs at the highest level, and worked with the most difficult of behavioural issues, Roland offers 1-2-1 training that is personalised to you and your dog to bring about obediance, respect, and that bond that you hope to have. 

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Is your dog a complete fur-ball, and in constant need of a neat haircut to look handsome / beautiful?

Taking your dog to a groomer is a lengthy and time consuming process – which is why H&H Dog offers a mobile dog grooming service. 

We drive to your home in our fully equipped dog grooming van, give your furry one a complete trim to look perfect, and return him back home after we’re done. 

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